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WOW! Met with Bucharest Sex for the first time last night after seeing on CERB she was coming to Moncton. I have had the pleasure of meeting several of the touring ladies while they were here and I have to say Bucharest really is above and beyond! That amazing body of hers will have any man wanting more and trust me, I will be back for more. Thank you Bucharest for a wonderful time and take care!

I just enjoyed a meeting with Bucharest Escort for the 2nd time.I would see her more often if circumstances allowed.She made me feel like a million bucks the couple of hours we were together.Hope to see you again soon.You are 100% pure class, All the best

Recently dropped in for another visit with Bucharest and sex ….well, what can I say - she is totally responsible for me getting home very late that evening. Bucharest has a way of making you feel very much at ease and totally comfortable. She is just plan fun to be with, of course it doesn’t hurt that she is in great shape and definitely not hard to look at. Treat this lady with the respect she deserves, and you will be rewarded. Thanks for all the GREAT evenings Bucharest.

I don’t think there are words good enough to describe my recent encounter with Bucharest! She is simply the best. With her, what you see is what you get and more. As much as I want to keep her a secret for myself (trust me, I really do!) this amazingly beautiful and talented package that she is, loves what she does. Everything about her is to die for! Thanks for a more than unforgettable evening full of sex!

Budapest Escort

I had the opportunity to meet Budapest Escort recently, and wow, she was amazing. With real passion and great chemistry, this was my best (and favourite) experience with a service provider. Budapest’s a confident woman, enjoys what she does, and never for a second did I think her thoughts were anywhere but on me. How we moved together, what we felt, and what we shared was real. I can’t imagine how it could get any better at our next encounter, but I know it absolutely will. Go see her for an evening, bring a bottle of her favourite wine, and you’ll go home content at making a great new friend. Budapest has shown me just how great this hobby can be.

Finally a day off so I decided to pay Budapest Escort a visit. From the moment I arrived to the time I left I had a fantastic encounter. Great to talk to, enjoys a good laugh and then comes an unbelievable experience! As an experienced hobbiest, let me say this lady is a true gem. My only regret is not seeing her sooner! Thank you Budapest, I look forward to doing it all again very soon.

Meeting Budapest is like seeing a girlfriend on a second date. Lots of nervous anticipation, excitement, and sexual energy. Budapest Escort is passionate about what she does and shows it in every way. She will exceed all of your expectations not just on the first visit, but on the second, third, and all the others. Budapest looks more stunning (and sexy) in person than in her photos and she knows how to use her assets. Budapest is a true gem. Treat her with the respect and dignity that women deserve and she will respond in kind with warmth and sensuality. I think if guys are looking for a wham bam thank-you m’am encounter, there are many girls available. You are definitely the best at that too, but for me it is all the other qualities that make you so very special. Yours, A**

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I don’t usually write reviews, as every one has their own taste, but now I have to share. I had the pleasure of spending time with Dubai Escort a few days ago, and I have to stress “Pleasure”. I have met this lady a few times in the past and defiantly will again in the future. She is amazing and each visit is somehow better then the last. To start with, Dubai is a wonderful lady, beautiful and intelligent, a truly nice person. From the first second I walk in the door to when I regrettably leave, I feel totally relaxed and welcome. Her location is safe, clean, tasteful, and even has a great view. Dubai herself is simply gorgeous, tall, deep blue eyes, long blond hair and a smoking hot body!! Her talents are amazing and always surprise me (what she can do with ice cubes will * your mind) lol. She is adventuresome, and just fun to be with. I have visited a few ladies over the years, but Dubai is in a class all her own. I actually believe she enjoys our time together, which is rare, there is nothing fake about this lady. If you do have the opportunity to visit with Dubai treat her with the respect she truly deserves, and you will be rewarded with a unforgettable experience.

Affectionate, intelligent and lovely, Dubai once again made me feel amazing from the moment she arrived. She has a very straightforward and lovely personality and is amazingly easy to get along with, both in conversation and in bed. She is tremendously sensual and doesn’t rush any aspects of her attentions. Excellent as always!

I met Dubai a couple of months ago when she toured here. I was very nervous when contacting her, but she quickly put me at ease, and gave me an experience better than I could have asked for. I can’t recommend her enough.

It just keeps getting better and better. I consider myself to be a regular client with Dubai and have never been disappointed. She is the kind of girl you would like to take on a round the world cruise. Thank you Dubai for everything and I really look forward to our next date.

Escort Sao Paulo

Now this is what I call a lady!! A real, natural beauty. Time with Escort Sao Paulo is pleasure from the minute she arrived. Escort Sao Paulo knows all the right buttons to push, providing an experience that leaves you wanting more… And believe you me, I do. Next time in Sao Paulo can’t come soon enough.

Let me tell you, the gorgeous woman that welcomed me on the other side of the door was something to behold! Instantly, her warm and energetic, bubbly personality made me feel at ease like we’d been friends forever. I knew from that moment that I’d made a wise choice. (Not that there had really ever been any doubt during the preliminaries.) Sao Paulo was very prompt and courteous returning my emails, and her attention to detail in every respect to make a client feel welcomed and comfortable is second to none. To anyone who has seen her in person, or even just her photos, it goes without saying that she has a dazzling, fit body, but to me, she really shines with her irresistible, charismatic persona. Very friendly, lighthearted, open-minded, always in the moment, always eager to please, with wild embers smouldering just below the surface. She’s also just as comfortable in the receptive role and shows it. The two tantalizing hours that I had booked and spent with Sao Paulo seemed to have been a lot longer, somehow… a most desirable rarity. Oh, did I mention? She has very full and very kissable lips and is an enthusiastic, amazing kisser (and a sensuous snuggler). Perhaps that says just as much about my predilections. I highly recommend this delightfully seductive and engaging companion, she is in a class of her own like only a few select others are. An hour or two in her company and you’ll leave feeling amazing, even days afterwards. Thank-you, Sao Paulo, for a wonderful distraction, and I am positively looking forward to the next time.

Escort Singapore

I have seen Escort Singapore on a fairly regular basis for the 4-5 years. Each encounter is always exceptional! Being single for the past few years, these trysts from time to time have become a very welcome diversion. I also love to travel south frequently, as many as 5 times per year. So in January of this year, I broached the topic of a 5 day trip to Singapore. It would be a 5 star high end resort. Well I would not be writing this if she had not accepted! It was truly 5 days in Paradise!! Singapore truly exemplifies the girlfriend experience. I really don’t know why I waited so long to ask her. Those of you who do know Singapore would expect nothing less… those who don’t… well, you are definitely missing out! Although it has been a month since we returned, and winter just won’t let go, the thoughts of Singapore on my arm, a drink on the terrace, and those intimate nights have kept me from going crazy while my furnace just turned on again! I wonder what her plans are next spring?

Went to visit Singapore for first time .. Was very easy to book location easy to find and felt very safe. Greeted me at door in sexy dress made me feel very relaxed and comfortable right from the start. True Girlfriend experience excellent kisser ! She enjoys what she does and does it very well she cant hide her excitement. Glad I took the plunge will repeat.